Chalemina: shows for children

[photo from the Show]

Mozart's Birthday Party

It is Mozartís birthday, but something has gone wrong - no guests have arrived at his party. Mozartís sister Nannerl, resourceful as ever, gets her thinking cap on and comes up with a birthday party to which you are invited! During the course of the birthday concert some colourful guests appear Ė Uncle Fritz, Mozartís dashing, dancing Hungarian uncle, silly singing cousin Augustin and Mozartís hornpiping sailor friend Teo. Children are invited to sing and dance, play pass the parcel to a nursery rhyme set of variations Mozart has just written and to help Mozart celebrate his birthdayÖbut will anyone guess how old he is today and how many candles he will need on his cake? This musical show is performed in costume with a simple set and early instruments and last approximately 55í.